10 Hilarious Issues That Only Cat Owners Will Understand


Cats are much different from the rest of the pets. Unlike other pets, cats have different agendas and it is a bit difficult to understand them. The more you spend with your cat, the more you will get to understand them.

Here are some cat pictures that will help you understand all the hilarious issues that only cat owners can understand. Have a look and check if you know your cats or not.


Those who don’t know cats can’t understand this. And those who love cats will never choose plants over their pawsome felines.


Little do cat hoomans know that this is done by their cats on purpose to trick them to get more treats. Your cats were busy partying with their friends while you were gone. The sooner you know, the better it is.


How do cats manage to do everything at once? This is a talent that cats are born with. Nobody else is capable of this.


“My hooman got a huge box for me today. I didn’t even have to twist and turn to fit into it. I am so happy!”

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This cat is making sure that everyone’s focus is only on him and not his hooman. Cats don’t like it when their hoomans click good pictures of themselves and share on social media. So they make sure that they are there in every picture.


You should offer your cat everything that you eat. Otherwise, you won’t get anything at all. Cats ensure that their hoomans learn all the good manners.


Cats love birds. They can sense them even with their closed eyes. What’s a piece of meat compared to a bird!


When your cat tries to help you, but decides to bite everything first.


“Hi hooman, can you see me now? I am hiding here. Meow…”


Cats like to keep reminding their hoomans that they are still alive and hungry. This is what they do when their hoomans keep on forgetting.

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